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Jere directed and also appears in Kiss & Tell for Hale Centre Theatre playing through May 21, 2024.  Come down and see this delightful comedy Mondays and Tuesdays only!  Also in this cast is Allyson Van Patten as "Dorothy Pringle."  

up next...

Jere will be directing The Curious Savage for FUSE Performing Arts this fall.  Check back here for more information about auditions and performance dates.​

from the critics

the 39 steps, hale centre theatre

Clown 2 also presents several characters and is expertly played by Jere Van Patten. His seamless transition from one character to another is no small feat. His delivery is second to none and there were several times I was doubled over with laughter. Van Patten clearly understands comedy and how to entertain the audience. There was not one moment he was on stage that the audience wasn't in the palm of his hand. Pay close attention to the both the clowns because you do not want to miss the personal touches they add to the play.

forever plaid, hale centre theatre

The show is an ensemble piece with each guy contributing equally yet also getting a chance or two to solo. Jere Van Patten gives Jinx a huge dose of fun comic sensibility and his solo on "Cry" is excellent.  Full of many humorous, sweet and touching moments, Forever Plaid is a nostalgic look back at the music and events from fifty years ago. It should be noted that, even if you didn't grow up in that time period or are not familiar with the songs, you will most likely still have a great time, as the show is charming and very funny. With four leads that vocalize together beautifully, a superb trio of musicians, and fun and imaginative choreography and direction, Hale's production of the show is a winner. 

guys & dolls, hale centre theatre

Chock full of charm, style, wit, and a dozen showstopping songs, Guys and Dolls is the epitome of a musical comedy classic. With an exceptional cast who bring the beloved musical's characters vibrantly to life, Hale Centre Theatre's crowd-pleasing production is a winning reminder of the lasting charm of this 1950 musical.  The ensemble features gifted comical actors who are also exceptional vocalists, including Jere Van Patten as Nicely-Nicely Johnson, who brings down the house with an exuberant "Sit Down, You're Rockin' the Boat."​

hairspray, mcc

[Director] Van Patten is a gem as Edna.  [He] manages to bring his own grace and style to the part, including delivering perfect comical moments and even some gorgeous vocals. The only downside to his portrayal? He's probably the best looking Edna I've ever seen. Van Patten and Overall also work well at making their mother/daughter relationship seem both loving and feisty, creating a realistic portrayal.  The MCC production of this joyous musical is just as fun and infectious, with beautiful creative touches, assured direction, and several excellent performances including Van Patten and Overall as a winning mother/daughter team.

spring awakening, mcc

Jere Van Patten plays the Adult Men, respectively, and is exceptional, effectively making each of the many characters he plays unique with different accents and gestures.  With a cast who instill their portrayals and songs with a fierce passion and a forceful clarity, MCC's Spring Awakening is a fairly moving and impactful production of this powerful and meaningful musical about the loss of innocence. It's a show that tackles many issues that are still relevant today and while it deals with some heavy topics it also finds a way to bring moments of optimism and hope, including an uplifting ending, within the unhappiness and despair.

arsenic & old lace, toro theatre company

As Teddy Brewster, aka Teddy Roosevelt, Jere Van Patten is hysterical. He commands the stage and delivers his lines with gusto. Teddy is a high-energy character and Van Patten never falters. He is a delight to watch and brought some much needed levity to the proceedings.

a christmas carol, hale centre theatre

Hale pulls out all of the theatrical stops for its annual offering of Dickens' story of the mean, miserly businessman Ebenezer Scrooge and the ghosts who visit him to show the effect the mistakes of his past have had on him and those around him. David Dietlein's solid direction and a top-notch cast bring this well-known tale to magical life while ensuring the emotion of the story resonates strongly.  As the ghost who visits Scrooge, Jere Van Patten infuses Marley, Scrooge's former business partner, with a keen sense of urgency and an acute awareness of his past sins.

kiss and tell, hale centre theatre

Hale Centre Theatre's production of F. Hugh Herbert's 1943 comedy Kiss and Tell is a delightful and nostalgic reminder of the charm and humor of 1940s America. Set against the backdrop of a quaint, small town, the play follows the misadventures and misunderstandings that young love and gossip can bring. Under Jere Van Patten's adept direction, the large, excellent cast navigates the comedic nuances and heartfelt moments with precision, and the end result is a comedy full of charm and laughs.

Under Jere Van Patten's bright and polished direction, the large ensemble cast skillfully navigates the delicate balance between comedy and drama while effectively capturing the nuances of everyday family life in small-town America in the 1940s.

With its eccentric characters and whirlwind of confusion and comedic situations, Kiss and Tell is a delightful throwback to the screwball comedies of the 1940s. With an excellent cast and wonderful direction, Hale Centre Theatre's production is a nostalgic journey filled with humor and heartwarming moments, offering a charming escape to a bygone era.

steel magnolias, hale centre theatre

Director Jere Van Patten has found a crackerjack cast of six strong and gifted actresses who bring these loveable characters to life. He does a phenomenal job staging the action in Hale's in-the-round space so the audience never feels they are missing out on anything in the plot while also being drawn into the plight of the characters. His pacing works quite well to ensure the jokes and comical lines get big laughs while the dramatic scenes are packed with emotion. All six women in the cast portray realistic relationships and a natural chemistry with each other as if they've known each other for years.

The direction, by Jere Van Patten, is stellar. Van Patten understands how to use the space to tell the story without letting the set consume the actors. There was not a corner of the set that was not part of the action and everything flowed so naturally. Even when all six women were on stage at the same time, the stage never felt crowded. Directing in the round presents unique challenges, but Van Patten uses the angles to his advantage to allow the audience to experience the play and not just watch it.  This story is heartbreaking, heartwarming, and hilarious. For fans of the movie, even though the play came first, you will get to hear your favorite lines and remember why the good ol' days were so good.​

beau jest, hale centre theatre

Director Jere Van Patten keeps the pacing fast and doesn't allow his cast's portrayals of the somewhat stereotypical characters to cross the line into caricature.  He also stages the show very effectively in Hale's intimate in-the-round space, ensuring that no matter where you sit you never feel left out of the action.  With a great cast, solid direction and perfect creative touches, Hale Centre Theatre's production is instantly relatable to everyone who has ever had an overreaching parent or relative; the end result is a comic delight. 


witness for the prosecution, desert stages theatre

Director Van Patten manages well rounded performances from his cast.  Van Patten has opted to stage the entire production in black and white, an homage to film noir and the "black and white" references to guilt and innocence, and it works beautifully, almost as if you're watching a classic film come to life in front of you. ...Brown's set and Robin Sharp's beautiful period costumes combine with Van Patten's clear headed direction to really make the play pop. ​

ruthless, desert stages theatre

With two talented leads and spot on direction by Jere Van Patten, Desert Stages Theatre's production is an absolute laugh-filled riot.  DST's production is fast paced, fun, and filled with an abundance of laugh out loud moments. I had a silly grin on my face from beginning to end.

the addams family, desert stages theatre

The Addams Family is a finger-snapping hoot!  In the close quarters of Desert Stages Theatre's Mainstage, certain aspects of a work may stand out more clearly than they would in a cavernous auditorium.  I'm not talking here about the conspicuously layered shades of makeup or the occasional missteps of a dancer or a momentary optical trespass beyond the fourth wall.  It is more that, when you're closer to the action, nuances of theme, character, and emotion may reveal themselves and the connection between audience and players may be more intimately sealed.  So it is that in DST's current production of The Addams Family, the audience may become more tuned in than ever to the love stories and the morals that are wrapped up in this crazy musical comedy.  On this score, credit goes to director, Jere Van Patten, who has put the fun into the funereal, and to his spirited cast of ghoulsters.

Scottsdale Desert Stages presents an impressive production, with plenty of laughs and a very talented cast that brings this strange family to life on the stage.  Director Jere Van Patten excels in bringing out the touching moments during the comical dialogue scenes, rich character portrayals and moments of lunacy, resulting in overall impressive direction.  With a very impressive cast and clear direction that ensures the comic moments pop, Desert Stages' production delivers. ​

the importance of being earnest, toro theatre company

Oscar Wilde's timeless play is enjoyable to watch; not just because it's funny, but also because the biting criticism of social status and expected behavior is apropos to our current social climate. In the hands of the Toro Theatre Company, you will laugh.  Directed by Jere Van Patten, the staging is fresh and vibrant.  This is a wonderful production!

edges: a song cycle, mcc

The MCC production featured some talented singers and was another successful directing venture from Jere Van Patten.  [He] had plenty of areas to stage the songs, which he did quite effectively. Always ensuring to add various props and new costumes to indicate the change of characters for each song, Van Patten's direction of his cast was quite successful. He also added some nice touches, from Foster delivering a pizza to Robertson as a way to connect their characters in "Boy with Dreams" and some simple but fun choreography in "Man of My Dreams" and "Be My Friend," he added plenty of varied touches to each song to make them succinct and not all blend together.  MCC's production of the show had excellent direction and gifted musical direction and was a great venue to see some gifted singers who will also most likely have long futures ahead of them.

charley's aunt, hale centre theatre

Under Jere Van Patten's practically perfect direction, the cast is appropriately silly without ever veering too close to being over-the-top with their portrayals or adding any unnecessary indulgences which could result in a slowing down of the breakneck pace of the play. Also, Van Patten's staging makes good use of the various backstage and lobby entrances, and he lets the comic moments build naturally.  With a cast who beautifully embrace the comedy in the script, perfect direction, and excellent creative aspects, Hale's production of Charley's Aunt is a fun, lighthearted farce with an abundance of charm and wit.

As an overall production, the Hale Centre Theatre never disappoints.  Director Jere Van Patten had some wonderfully executed details in this production. [He] always does a superb job playing to his audience so that wherever you are, you are immersed in his world, and this is no exception.  

12 angry jurors, toro theatre company

In the current political climate, it is important to find a voice through art.  In this superb production of 12 Angry Jurors by Reginald Rose, the young cast navigates the reality of racism, crime, and reasonable doubt with wisdom beyond their years.  Each cast member brings a unique authority to their character and the action is thrilling to watch.


The direction, by Jere Van Patten, is brilliant.  He has allowed the actors to shine as individuals and as a diverse group.  As the audience watches the action unfold, one cannot help but think how they would handle the situation and if they would stand up for what is right.  There are several moments where the audience is left breathless, waiting for the next revelation.  12 Angry Jurors is thrilling from beginning to end and is not to be missed.

how to succeed in business without really trying, mcc

The classic musical How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying is a charming and humorous show that satirizes the corporate world of the 1960s with all of the sexism and sexual hi-jinks that comes with it.  Director Jere Van Patten didn't attempt to downplay any of the sexual shenanigans. He even played them up a bit and, with the addition of choreographer Kim Rodriguez's fun and fresh dances, added the occasional turn of events where the female characters prevail over the men.

Van Patten's cast exhibited a good level of sincerity that allowed the audience to root for the characters to succeed while at the same time laugh at the situations they've gotten themselves into, without making the characters too cartoonish or too broad.  With good comical performances from a talented cast, clear cut direction, and lush creative elements, MCC's production of How to Succeed in Business without Really Trying was a fun and charming success.

the drowsy chaperone, desert foothills theater

Jere Van Patten ensures that the mood of the piece never falters, which is impressive considering it changes from comedic to serious and back a few times throughout the show.  You will definitely laugh a lot, but with the connection to the material and the character [of the Man in the Chair], you will most likely be moved as well. 

songs for a new world, mcc

Van Patten "opened up" and staged many of the songs in a more theatrical way, setting each song in a specific time and place with just the combination of a few set pieces, props, costumes and lighting. He also added plenty of movement to the numbers, with his actors moving around the stage during many of the numbers, providing a richer experience than one in which four actors sat and sang in the center of the stage. But he wisely didn't add unnecessary movement for the more emotionally focused numbers, letting ones like "Stars and the Moon" stand on their own with very limited movement. He also presented some breathtaking visuals during the "The Flagmaker, 1775" by projecting large, moving photos of various service men and women, throughout history, that filled the large scrim covering the set while Peotter was spotlighted up on the second story walkway. While it might have been slightly different from the rest of the staging of the show, it connected the past to the present and made you think of all of the people with family members fighting overseas through the ages.  The MCC production of Songs for a New World was an emotionally rewarding experience with a talented cast, inventive and thoughtful direction, a superb band, and excellent creative elements. 

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